Paintless dent repairs, hail damage, auto cosmetic enhancements and resale car-care packages: bumper and wheels repairs, buff and polish, touch up, professional detailing, seat leather treatment and window tinting.

Un-Dint-It is South East Queensland’s car repair and cosmetic provider of choice for proud car owners, motor dealers, the smash repair industry, fleet managers and insurance companies. We offer below-excess repair and enhancement services along with exacting finishes for prestige and classic cars, backed by 15 years experience.

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paintless dent removal

For car owners and dealerships, we can have your car dint free usually within an hour or two. With repairs often less than your excess, you can safeguard your no claim bonus and save $. Our paintless dent repairs smooth back the panel surface to its original shape without affecting the paint and without being noticeable.

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hail damage repairs

As an RACQ selected repairer, Un-Dint-It is trusted by insurance companies to provide high quality hail damage repairs that will stand the test of time. In times of pressing deadlines, we’ve been able to repair over 100 vehicles a week, due to our expertise, technology and processes, which include taking care of the paperwork.

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Bumper repairs

Marks and scratches to bumpers are very common. They are also the easiest to spot when inspecting a car, so worth attending to before resale. Our small accident repair system repairs and repaints marks and dints to your front or rear bumpers, making them mark free and helping your mark-up.

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alloy wheel repairs

Nothing says new car and proficient driver more than shiny silver or jet-black scratch-free alloy wheels. Prolong that wonderful new car appearance with our alloy wheels repair service. It vanishes scratches and rough patches caused by gutter grazes reinstating that new look and sleek appearance of your wheels.

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Buff and Polish car

In Queensland, the sun and other conditions like tree sap, flower petals, and bat droppings, can age your car fast. Bring back the shine and sparkle to your car with our half-day buff and polish service, which removes contaminants and fine scratches while rejuvenating your paintwork and enhancing its value.

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Touch Up

Say goodbye to stone chips with Dr Colourchip touch system that precisely matches the colour of your car’s paint and fills in the chip with a technique that creates a much smoother barely detectable finish. It also seals the metal and prevents rusting of your panels.

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Professional detailing

Done every six months, professional detailing will enhance your car’s resale price and marketability, make it easier to maintain your vehicle and give you a much more pleasurable driving. This package includes interior and exterior cleaning as well as cut and polishing – all in one day.

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Seat Leather Treatment

This 2-3 hour service uses quality leather conditioners from professional detailing suppliers and includes spot cleaning. A regular leather treatment will condition your leather, extending its life, keeping it supple, helping to repel stains and minimise wear, improving your car’s resale.

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Window Tinting

With our 3M Window tinting range – the best in the market – you can have new window tinting for less than $500 in just half a day. Enjoy the many benefits that come with Window tinting including, UV protection, lower temperatures, a cooler car and a more comfortable drive due to reduced glare.

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