Alloy Wheels make a statement

When you upgrade or invest in alloy wheels you want them to be a signature feature of your car. With us, they can be.

Unmarked wheels are the sign of a proficient driver but unfortunately accidents do happen. Sadly, no amount of cleaning, brushing at home can remove those scratches that come from scraping concrete or metal. It really is a job for the professionals. At Un-Dint-It we can make your alloy wheels like new again, restoring their shiny silver or jet-black appearance. Prolong that wonderful new car look with our alloy wheels repair service. It vanishes scratches and rough patches caused by gutter grazes reinstating that new look and sleek appearance of your wheels.

see the transformation

These wheels were quite new when someone parked too close to the cement kerb. The loud scrape left visible, white scratches. Despite cleaning and brushing out grains of cement the owners were unable to remove the tell tale signs of damage.  After just a few hours in our workshop using our exclusive, trade-only products and techniques we were able to restore the wheels to their former glory.