Professionals you can trust

After the November 2014 Brisbane hailstorm Un-Dint-It repaired over 1000 new cars before their required Christmas delivery.

Un-Dint-It is an RACQ selected repairer and trusted by other insurance companies to provide high quality hail damage repairs that will stand the test of time. Due to our vast experience, teamwork, portable technology and efficient systems, we can respond quickly to the challenge of repairing large quantities of damaged vehicles caused by hail damage. We are also an accredited member of Motor Trades Association QLD.

see the transformation

One day, a sad, pitted steelscape, three days later smooth panels that gleamed liked new. Incredible how so much hail damage to a car can be reversed in such a short time all through using paintless dent repair processes and the skill of our technicians. At Un-Dint-It we continue to invest in time saving equipment and update our tools of trade quarterly, as we never know when a disaster is around the corner. This practice has immense benefits for our larger clients yet also individual car owners who get caught in a freak storm. Repairs can take between 3 to 5 days.

Over the past five years Downtown Toyota has used Un-Dint-It on a regular basis, including following major hail events in 2013 and 2014. The professionalism and quality of workmanship displayed by Un-Dint-It is exceptional and the technicians are always helpful and honest in their dealings with us. I have no problem recommending Un-Dint-It to anyone who requires their services.

Andrew Clark

Dealer Principal