More affordable than you think

Transform your car back to its original look and feel. No painting required. Voila!

Using special hand tools we manipulate and massage the damaged panel from behind. There’s no filing, no painting, and definitely no drilling of holes. The panel is carefully smoothed back to its original look and shape without affecting the paint or finish. In the hands of our skilled technicians most panels will take 60 to 90 minutes to repair. Prices start from $100.

see the transformation

Because of our unique process there is no spray painting or paintwork involved. Thus removing any of the troubles of sink back or other effects that are normally associated with filling and painting. The end result improves the appearance of the vehicle, maintains structural integrity and enhances resale prospects for the owner – all for less than the cost of their excess.

Toowong Milton Body Repairs work with Un-Dint-It as a sub-contractor on a regular basis, because they continue to be the most reliable provider of PDR repairs. Their standard of repairs are always of impeccable quality, and the Un-Dint-It team conduct themselves on a highly professional level. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Un-Dint-It for all your PDR needs.

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