Chip gone for as little as $100

The most advanced touch up technology in Australia delivers undetectable results.

At Un-Dint-It our Dr Colourchip touch system precisely matches the colour of your car’s paint and fills in the chip (rather than sitting on the top) making for a much smoother barely detectable finish. This technique dries quickly and can be done in 1 hour for as little as $88. It is best to attend to stone chips to your bonnet and other panels soon after the incident to seal the metal and prevent rusting.

See the transformation

A large stone chip caused by a passing truck was in a very noticeable place on this vehicle. Using the most advanced technology in Australia Un-Dint-It was able to create an effect that filled in the chip to a standard that was virtually undetectable — all within 45 minutes.

Good on you guys for restoring my faith in actual work done compared to what is often promised but not delivered these days.

C O'Rourke