Affordable Window Tinting

Couldn’t stretch the budget to afford window tinting? Don’t despair, now you can!

At Un-Dint-It you can have your windows tinted for less than $500 in just half a day with our 3M range – the best in the market. Window tinting has many benefits, particularly in Queensland: UV protection for occupants and your interior, lower temperatures inside, keeping your car cooler, and more comfortable driving due to glare reduction. Due to government safety regulations we are unable to retro-tint front windscreens.

see the transformation

Over the years we’ve tinted hundreds of cars for clients and the immediate difference you see, is obviously darker windows on the side and rear. But the biggest difference is the joy and satisfaction it gives owners – by turning their car into the car of their dreams. And when they get inside they enjoy a far more comfortable ride, less glare, more moderate temperatures, the air conditioning not on as high, thereby reducing their fuel consumption, and UV protection for themselves and their interiors, like their prized leather seats.

We really wanted to have window tinting to give added protection to our children in the back as their faces were often in direct sunlight in the mornings and afternoons. We are so happy with the price and service that Un-Dint-It gave. Not only do they look good, they also give us extra peace of mind.